Welcome to Chase Court!

Here you’ll find a quick tour of Chase Court, check available dates, our (very reasonable) rates, and much, much more about our fabulous Baltimore wedding venue. We do lots of garden weddings and indoor and outdoor weddings and receptions!

We’re committed to taking the stress out of your wedding planning. Our comprehensive list of recommended wedding professionals have all worked at or with Chase Court and know exactly what works great here. You can plan your entire wedding from this list and be assured of great success! You’re not required to use any of these professionals, but if you do, we know you’ll have a fabulous experience with them!

Our hand-picked group of approved caterers all know how to create and support a fabulous experience at Chase Court. Their style and quality ranges from simple and basic to elegant and gourmet, starting at pricing to please even the most cost-conscious.

Thinking of eloping? We make it easy, inexpensive, and very nice for you. It’s a great alternative to the courthouse!

LGBTQ? We have you covered! We’re on our 32nd same-sex wedding!

There are links above to all of our social media sites, starting with our fabulous blog. You can follow Chase Court on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (our favorite!), Pinterest, and even Flicker, where you’ll find all of the images you’ll see in our slide show when you come visit.

There is much, much more, all here to help you have an easy and stress-free experience! Questions or ready for a tour of Chase Court? Give us a call at (410) 727-1112.

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New on the Chase Court Blog:

A Beautiful (Very) Small Wedding! 

Thoughtful special touches and careful attention to detail prove that a fabulous wedding doesn’t have to be expensive!

At Chase Court we hold dear the belief that every spirituality should be honored and welcomed, from none at all to nature-based to the most mainstream Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.

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Chase Court, all of our approved caterers, and our recommended wedding professionals happily welcome couples of every spirituality and sexuality. We’re all very LGBTQ-friendly!

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