Approved Caterers at Chase Court

Our approved caterers are owned and staffed by people we know and trust. They will treat you with integrity and respect—and be incredibly helpful! They know how to create and support a fabulous experience at Chase Court.

This hand-picked group (there are plenty of others out there, not all up to our standards) offers style and quality from simple and elegant to gourmet, starting at pricing to please even the most cost-conscious client.

Chase Court and all of our approved caterers happily welcome couples of every spirituality and sexuality.

Eleven Courses
Jim and Melissa Benson, (410) 459-6773

Linwood’s Catering
Sherri Levin, (410) 581-4920 x 23

The Pantry
(410) 669-1984

LR-7139Rouge Fine Catering

Rouge Fine Catering
Celeste Bendetti, (410) 527-0007

LR-4539Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering

Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering
(410) 833-6610 x 230

Brian Scott, (410) 539-6103 x 600

Zeffert & Gold Catering and Event Planning
Matthew Gold, (410) 944-4481, (800) 888-1137

We’re happy to help with guidance on style and price. Just call!

Chase Court Recycles!

With single-stream recycling in the City of Baltimore, our caterers are able to recycle glass, metal, plastic and paper on-site. We provide large yellow recycling bins to use at the bar and in the kitchen.

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