Elopement Packages FAQ for Chase Court

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chase Court Elopement Packages

How much time do we have?
You have thirty minutes or sixty minutes, depending on the package. Any set-up required is done inside of that time. Typically, the time starts with gathering and some photography, then the ceremony (usually 15-20 minutes long), followed by socializing and more photography. Everything fits very nicely in the time allowed.

We would like to use live or recorded music for our ceremony. Is that okay?
Absolutely! Electricity is available in the garden for your sound equipment, and we will be happy to provide additional chairs for your musicians.

Are there any restrictions regarding music?

You are welcome to use live or recorded music inside or out.

We would like to incorporate candle lighting during the ceremony. Are candles allowed, and is there a place for the candles?
Yes and yes! We will be happy to provide a table for your candles, or you may bring your own.

May we use our own officiant and do our own kind of ceremony?
Yes and yes! Couples of every spirituality are welcome at Chase Court.

We would like to do a sand ceremony. Is there a table available for the sand vessels?
We will be happy to provide a table for your sand ceremony, or you may bring your own.

May we provide our own flowers?

May we use our own photographer?
Yes, you may!

Are chairs and tables included in the fee?
Yes! Tables and chairs for your ceremony and/or reception are included with your rental.

Will we be able to use the bride’s room?
Use of the bride’s room is an add-on for elopement packages. For an additional fee of $300, the wedding party may have use of the bride’s room for up to one hour prior to the ceremony start time.


Graphic Parking MapHow is parking?
Over 500 parking spaces are available in the Parking Garage at 1017 North Charles Street (next to the Belvedere), at the surface lots between St. Paul and Lovegrove Streets and on Eager Street, and at many metered and non-metered street spaces throughout the neighborhood.

You may arrange to pay for your guests parking in the garage. Rates vary by day of week. (See our parking page for more information.)


When is the Garden in bloom?
The garden looks great year-round! A large part of the garden is planted with evergreen perennials to offer a show of texture, shape, size and color throughout the year. The rest of the garden is planted in perennials that start earlier in the season (April) and last into November. The ceremony garden has a clearing-in-the-forest feeling that a lot of couples like.

Will we be the only people on the property?
Yes! We do one event at a time. Chase Court is completely private. The only guests present at Chase Court during your event will be your own.

Is there air conditioning?
Chase Court is fully air conditioned.

Will a staff member be present during our time at Chase Court?
Yes. It is our practice to give each event our complete attention. Our attention-to-detail service is a signature aspect of Chase Court.

Does the rental agreement require both mine and my fiance’s signature?
Either or both signatures are fine.

How is payment handled?
The full fee is paid at the signing of the rental agreement. Payment is by cash or check.

Are there any additional fees?

No! There are no fees or deposits for kitchen use or the other usual wedding reception activities. We make it we easy for you to have your wedding at Chase Court!

What can we expect once we sign the rental agreement? 

The officiant will be in touch with you by telephone or e-mail. Your flowers and the photographer will be here waiting for you when you arrive on your wedding day (if your package includes these things).

Is Chase Court part of a church?
No. Chase Court is privately owned and is not connected to or affiliated with any church.

Does Chase Court really look like it’s pictures?
Yes, it sure does! Give us a call at (410) 727-1112 and come see for yourself!

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