Information for Caterers working at Chase Court

 Arrival Time

Load-in begins three hours prior to the event start. Here are driving Directions for your staff.


Please call Chase Court at (410) 727-1112 during the week if you need to to arrange for the delivery and pick-up of rental. Rentals are always done same-day in and out.

Load-In and Load-Out

The Catering Kitchen entrance is on Lovegrove Street, an alley street that runs between Biddle and Chase Streets. Lovegrove Street is one-way  running south, toward Chase Street. Enter off of Biddle, which is a one-way running east. (See the map below.)

Please jump the curb and park your truck very tight to the building. There are several steep stairs to climb, so dollying in is not possible. Please call (410) 727-1112 when you arrive.

Please use the Lovegrove Street entrance for all catering load-in and load-out.

Map to Catering Entrance

PDF: Map to Catering Entrance

Seating Capacity

• 150 – cocktail and cocktail-style service, with seating for no more than a third of the guests.
• 125 – seated and served.
Use the full ballroom for dining tables and take two tables down for dancing. You can avoid striking tables by using our 48″ rounds.
• 105 – buffet service.
• 80 – long tables in any configuration.

• The bar is always in the library and/or the ceremony garden.
• Waterproof bar mats are required in the library.

Available Equipment

The following equipment is available for your use, at no additional charge to the client:

  • 120 White Wooden Folding Chairs with White Cushions
  • 125 Fruitwood Wooden Folding Chairs with Tan Cushions
  • 13 – 60” Round Tables
  • 14 – 48” Round Tables
  • 1 – 5′ Rectangular Table
  • 4 – 6′ Rectangular Tables
  • 9 – 8′ Rectangular Tables
  • 2 – 30” High-top Cocktail Tables

• The catering kitchen has a triple stainless sink and enough room for two eight-foot tables and one six-foot table. There are three separate 20 amp. circuits in the main kitchen.

• Three separate 20 amp. circuits of exterior power are available for your use. Please call before your event so we have it set up for your arrival.

Alcohol Service

If you intend to dispense alcohol you must have a copy of your current Baltimore City or State Liquor License on file at Chase Court. A State certified, trained service person must be on the premises while alcohol is being served, and must dispense it.

• Service of alcoholic beverages must be discontinued at least thirty (30) minutes before the ending time of the event.

• Beer is only to be served in glasses or cups.
• Shots of any type are not to be served.
• The service of beer from kegs is not allowed.
• Waterproof bar mats are required.

Every client’s Rental Agreement carries these provisions.


The City of Baltimore requires all candles to be enclosed in glass. The flame MUST be below the level of the top of the container.


The City of Baltimore has single-stream recycling. You can recycle glass, metal, plastic (marked 1-7) and clean paper, all in the same container.

Chase Court provides large yellow recycling bins for your use at the bar and in the kitchen.

Bottles and cans do not have to be rinsed to be recycled. A separate pour-bucket is nice but not required. Do NOT line recycling barrels with plastic bags.

With the exception of beverage containers, food waste is NOT acceptable for recycling.

Relevant unacceptable recycling material:
• contaminated paper and cardboard
• plastic bags
• waxed packages (juice boxes, etc.)
• paper napkins
• plates and tissues
• plastic cookware or plates
• plastic utensils
• foil or waxed paper

Full recycling bins should be placed outside of the catering kitchen, on our ‘back porch’.


Using our directions will keep your staff from getting lost. Our street address takes you to Saint Paul Street. Our main entrance is on Chase Street.


Best parking:
• Pay lot on Saint Paul Street, a half block from Chase Court. Enter from 1012 Saint Paul Street or Lovegrove Street.
• Street parking on Saint Paul, Chase, Charles, or Biddle Streets. Pay close attention to the signs!
• The newly-renovated garage at 1104 North Charles Street.

Paid parking in our neighborhood is considerably less expensive than Downtown or in the Inner Harbor.

 The City of Baltimore vigorously enforces their parking regulations. Please park carefully.

Where NOT to park:
• Anywhere on Lovegrove Street.
• The lot adjacent to Chase Court off of Lovegrove Street. This lot is not ours and is aggressively towed. Nothing but a parking permit hang-tag will mean anything to the tow truck operators. Please help us respect our neighbors.


Questions? Call us at (410) 727-1112.


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