Information for Florists and Decorators Working at Chase Court

Arrival Time

Load-in begins three hours prior to the event start. Directions for your staff.

Load-In and Load-Out

• Load-in is from the street through our Chase Street gate.

• Do not double park on Chase Street. We have a passenger loading zone in front of the gate for your use.

• You will need a LARGE-DIAMETER-WHEELED dolly or cart for heavy materials. It is 75 feet minimum to the building, and you will need to go up three steps to the door.

• It is NOT possible to load-in from the parking lot adjacent to the building. Please help us respect our neighbor’s property.

(Directions and more parking information below and here.)

Removal and Pick-Up

Rented containers and other materials going back to you must be picked up or taken with the bridal party at the end of the evening.

Anything affixed to the pergola must be removed by the florist immediately following the end of the event, within the one-hour load-out time.


The City of Baltimore requires all candles to be enclosed in glass. The flame MUST be below the level of the top of the container.

When in doubt about a candle container, use the fire department’s ten-second test: Light the candle and place a piece of tissue over the top of the candle. If the tissue takes no less than ten seconds to light, it is an acceptable container.

Arrangements over the Fireplace

We will be happy to help you hang arrangements over the fireplace. Please be sure that they will not drip water once hung. (There is NO MANTLE over the fireplace.)

Window Ledges

The dimensions of the window ledges are found here, along with the fireplace and chandelier dimensions.

Dry Floor

Please keep our floors dry and clear of debris during set-up. 

Flower Pedals

Loose flower pedals may not be used in the ballroom, the library, the foyer or anywhere else in the building, since they stain our floors. They are fine to use outside in the garden. Artificial pedals are allowed inside.

Chandelier Decorations

Anything affixed to the chandeliers must be removed by the florist immediately following the end of the event, within the one-hour load-out time.


Using our directions will keep you from getting lost. Our street address takes you to Saint Paul Street. Our main entrance is on Chase Street.


Best parking:
• Pay lot on Saint Paul Street, a half block from Chase Court. Enter from 1012 Saint Paul Street or Lovegrove Street.
• Street parking on Saint Paul, Chase, Charles, or Biddle Streets. Pay close attention to the signs!
• The newly-renovated garage at 1104 North Charles Street.

Paid parking in our neighborhood is considerably less expensive than Downtown or in the Inner Harbor.

 The City of Baltimore vigorously enforces their parking regulations. Please park carefully.

Where NOT to park:
• Anywhere on Lovegrove Street.
• The lot adjacent to Chase Court off of Lovegrove Street. This lot is not ours and is aggressively towed. Nothing but a parking permit hang-tag will mean anything to the tow truck operators. Please help us respect our neighbors.


Questions? Call us at (410) 727-1112.

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