Information for wedding photographers working at Chase Court

Chase Court is a wedding photographer’s dream come true! There are many excellent indoor and outdoor vantage points for photography, including the balcony in the ballroom and the raised entry in the bride’s room. The fleur-de-lis-topped iron gates, our flower gardens, the wisteria-covered pergula, and the Gothic stone building provide excellent backgrounds.

Available time for photography

Clients holding their wedding ceremony and reception here generally have use of Chase Court for photography from an hour ahead of the ceremony start time until the end of the event. Clients having elopement ceremonies have one hour, total. Please plan to stay within these boundaries.

You’re welcome to arrive anytime during set-up time to prepare your equipment.

Load-In and Load-Out

• Load-in is from the street on Chase or St. Paul Street, depending on where you find parking.

• Do not double park on either street.

• You will need a LARGE-DIAMETER-WHEELED DOLLY for heavy equipment, since it is 75 feet minimum to the building, and you will need to go up three steps to the door.

• It is NOT possible to load-in from the parking lot adjacent to the building.

(Directions and more parking information below and here.)

Equipment stash space

The floor space across from the coat hooks off of the foyer is a great at-the-ready stash space for your equipment.

Shooting Positions

The entrance garden from Chase Street
Please stay on the brickwalk. Don’t step into the garden for any reason.

The bride’s room
Excellent natural lighting, including two south-facing skylights. Please remove your shoes if you climb up on the counter.

The ceremony garden
Please stay on the brickwalk and Pennsylvania bluestone. Don’t step into the garden or stand on the gray timbers for any reason.

The ballroom
Large south-facing windows glazed with translucent (but not transparent), diamond leaded-glass.

The balcony in the ballroom
Access is via a ladder in the catering kitchen. Please keep the balcony door closed at all times.

• You’ll want at least a 17 mm lens, and a 14 mm to if you want to shoot the room side to side.

• It’s helpful to let the caterer know early-on in the event if you plan to use the balcony so they can keep a clear path for you.


Using our directions will keep you from getting lost. Our street address takes you to Saint Paul Street. Our main entrance is on Chase Street.


Best parking:
• Pay lot on Saint Paul Street, a half block from Chase Court. Enter from 1012 Saint Paul Street or Lovegrove Street.

• Street parking on Saint Paul, Chase, Charles, or Biddle Streets. Pay close attention to the signs!

• The newly-renovated garage at 1104 North Charles Street.

Paid parking in our neighborhood is considerably less expensive than Downtown or in the Inner Harbor.

The City of Baltimore vigorously enforces their parking regulations. Please park carefully.

Where NOT to park:
• Anywhere on Lovegrove Street.

• The lot adjacent to Chase Court off of Lovegrove Street. This lot is not ours and is aggressively towed. Nothing but a parking permit hang-tag will mean anything to the tow truck operators. Please help us respect our neighbors.


QUESTIONS? CALL US AT (410) 727-1112.

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