Long Table Wide Floor Plan

Long Table Wide Set-Up

Ballroom Floor Plan for Drawing (PDF)

Detailed Dimensions

I- Ballroom with Long Tables 2741

Chase Court Ballroom Dimensions: 50′ x 31′ (1,600 square feet)

Seated Reception at Long Tables: 80
Seated Reception at Round Tables: 125
Cocktail-Style Reception: 150
Ceremony: 125
Classroom/Concert: 125
(These are REAL numbers, representing our COMFORTABLE maximum capacities.)

Ceiling Height: 15′

Number of Windows: 8

The eight window ledges are 68″ long by 12″ deep.

Ballroom Fireplace
Distance from floor to the hanging nail: 10′ 3″ (123″)
Distance from hanging nail to molding: 3′ 7″ (43″)
Width at the hanging nail: 5′ 0″ (60″)
Width at the molding: 7′ 1″ (85″)
Height of fireplace opening: 5′ 2″ (62″)
Width of fireplace opening: 5′ 9″ (69″)
Depth of firebox: 1′ 8″ (20″)
Depth of hearth: 2′ 0″ (24″)
Width of hearth: 7′ 3″ (87″)

There is no mantle over the fireplace.

All candles MUST have a solid base to catch wax.

Ballroom Chandeliers



Quantity: 8
Diameter of each Chandelier: 18″
Circumference of each Chandelier: 56.5″
Available Ribbon Loop-Over Spaces: 10 x 3.5″
Height of Ring: 2″
Width of Ring at Top: 0.25″
Width of Ring at Bottom: 1″
Height of Chandeliers above Floor: 11′

Chandelier decorations must be removed immediately following the event and must be hung and removed by an insured professional.
(See our Recommended Wedding Professionals list for some options.)

Ballroom Columns
Number of Columns: 3
Diameter of each Column: 9″ (4″ octagonal sections)
Column Base Height and Width: 8″ x 11″ over 8″ x 13″
Column Offset from Ceiling: 22″
Column Height less Base and Offset: 12′
Open Space between each of the Three Columns: 11′ 8″

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