How to Plan a Green Wedding!

Being earth-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Quite the opposite! Here’s how to make your event green!

Transportation & Guest Housing

Having both your wedding ceremony and your reception at Chase Court can save huge amounts of energy-intensive transportation use.

Energy use related to transportation is the largest single factor in creating green events. This manifests primarily in guest transportation and the movement of food and drink for catering. Relative to catering (and to a lesser extent, other event vendors), buying local in all ways makes a big difference!

Chase Court is within easy walking distance of several outstanding hotels and over a dozen great rehearsal dinner venues. Walking and short-run shuttle services save significant amounts of energy.


Use locally grown and produced food. Transportation is the largest single energy use factor in creating green events. Baltimore has an extensive network of local food producers, from vegetables to bison.

Use organic ingredients.


Buy locally made beverages. Maryland and Virginia have a lot to offer in wine and beer. You don’t have to bring product in from California or Europe!

Recycle empty containers. Chase Court provides large yellow recycling bins to use at the bar and in the kitchen. The City of Baltimore accepts glass, metal, plastic and paper.

Table Settings

Choose reusables instead of disposables. Use rented washable flatware, glassware, china and linens instead of disposables. 

Use potted plants, candles, photographs in frames, and other reusable or low-impact centerpieces.


If you offer favors, look for gifts that will be useful and reusable. Even better, make a donation to a green cause to honor your guests.

Guest count

This can be a hard one, but fewer guests means means less energy spent.


Garden Decoration

The Chase Court gardens are beautiful and abundant. From May through October you don’t have to add a single flower for a spectacular show!

All of the plants in our gardens are sustainable perennials, replacing energy-intensive annuals. We’ve cut our use of annuals by 100% while improving the look and feel of our gardens. The majority of our perennials are sourced and grown locally.


The City of Baltimore has single-stream recycling. Caterers can recycle glass, metal, plastic and paper on-site. Chase Court provides large yellow recycling bins to use at the bar and in the catering kitchen.

Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

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