Same-Sex Weddings at Chase Court in Baltimore

LGBTQ/same-sex weddings are very important to us at Chase Court. We’ve been the venue for 34 same-sex weddings for couples from 9 states since the law passed in Maryland in 2013, and before that for 20 commitment ceremonies—54 total!


Karla and Page had one of the most most engaging wedding ceremonies ever at Chase Court, performed bilingually by The Rev. Jesús Rivera.


Natalia and Lauren. We’ve been honored, delighted, and moved by each of these LGBT weddings. Each one is special for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is, for some of these couples, they’ve been waiting a very long time.


Five years in, after meeting at work, Janet and Cindy walked down the aisle together


Jean and Joe have been together for 18 years. They live around the corner from Chase Court.


Claire and Jordan.


These two ladies flew in from Ohio to be married at Chase Court. They had been together for 28 years!!! We were so honored by their presence for this sacred and long-awaited occasion!


Anna and Chelsey.

Indoor wedding at Chase Court

Jonathan and Brian, our very first legal same-sex wedding!


Lauren & Sherry.


Brandi and Stacey, together for eleven years, came up from Kentucky to be married at Chase Court. They grew up as neighbors, dated in college, and are now having a baby together.


Kim and Tami.


Chip and Will, with matching leather suspenders!


Jill and Helen came up from Virginia after nearly twenty years together to be married at Chase Court.


Brett and James.




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