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Handicapped Access Floor Plan

Handicapped Access Floor Plan (PDF)

Standard Wheelchairs

Standard wheelchairs are easy. A simple pull-and-roll up the stairs by one or two people – or a carry, if you’d rather – gets people in and out. We’ve done that many times here. We are well acquainted with the pull-and-roll procedure and how to manage it safely. A standard wheelchair works great inside or outside at Chase Court.

Electric Wheelchairs

Because there is no provision for permanent ramps or anchoring for temporary ramps, electric wheelchairs, which run about 300 pounds empty, aren’t able to enter the building. They are also not suited for use within the building.

An electric wheelchair works well in the ceremony garden if the user can navigate a five-inch bump-up from the street.

Exterior Doorways

Our two guest entrances are large double doors, more than wide enough for the widest wheelchairs. The Chase Street entrance has hand railings.

Interior Doorways

There are double doors leading into the ballroom. The door openings into the two restrooms are 26” and 32”, respectively. The guest restrooms are on the same level as the ballroom. You would want assistance with transfer in the restrooms.

Chase Street Entrance

Chase Street Entrance

Chase Street Entrance

Sant Paul Street Entrance

Sant Paul Street Entrance

Sant Paul Street Entrance

Upper Foyer Steps (with railings on both sides)

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Lower Foyer Steps (with railings on both sides)


Both restrooms are singles. Both have wide (32” and 28”) door openings, and good maneuvering space.

Great Hall Restroom (Doorway opening 32″)

Foyer Restroom (Door opening 28″)

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