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Venue Managers Group at Chase Court

I co-chair a group for managers of historic and unique event venues that are located in and around Baltimore. Our group has been meeting for over seven years, each time at a different member’s venue. Our purpose is to create an environment where we can speak freely about our issues, compare problems and solutions, and help each other. In the process, we get to know each other and each other’s venues, and can easily make referrals or ask for help or advice when the need arises. My experience working with this group has been fantastic. We are unbelievably helpful to each other, both professionally and personally. It’s wonderful to talk with people who do what you do, who really get it, about literally anything that’s going on.

Our most recent meeting was on Wednesday, here at Chase Court (we meet every other month). There were nine of us this time, representing as many venues. Among other things on the agenda, we talked about caterers, including Maryland Country Caterers, who has recently been added to the list of Approved Caterers at Chase Court and who graciously provided the sumptuous luncheon spread you see in the photographs. Besides wanting another opportunity to eat their yummy food, I wanted to give them a chance to show off for other venues, most of whom had not seen their work. Chase Court is one of several venues who have caterers on their list that were first encountered at one of our meetings. That’s a big benefit to us, and one that is immediately useful to our clients.

Even though every venue in the group is in head-to-head competition with other member venues, we’ve found that we all benefit from working together and supporting each other. What a great way that is to do business! —David

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