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Wedding Flowers on City Bench at a Bus Stop in Baltimore

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Leftover wedding flowers often meet an undignified and unbefitting end. Not so these!


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Mary Ellen LaFreniere of Steelcut Flower Co. had these incredibly gorgeous flowers on her hands after they did their part for a wedding last Saturday. Flowers that don’t go home with family or friends after a wedding usually end up in the trash, but Mary Ellen had another idea!

By the way, that’s Chase Court‘s Saint Paul Street garden in the background.


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There are a lot of ways to embrace social responsibility. Creating beauty in a public place is an important one, especially when that place is seen by as many people as see this one, in the 1100 block of Saint Paul Street in Baltimore.


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Civic pride, whether expressed in the “The Greatest City in America” slogan painted on the bench or in Mary Ellen’s magnificent arrangement and repurposing of the flowers, is important to the health and well-being of any city.


flowers- baltimore-wedding-venue-500-2244


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Imagine if this happened after every wedding in Baltimore!


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From the internet: “I drove past these on the way to work, and their unexpected beauty not only made me smile but gave me a sense of hope for the week ahead!”

flowers- baltimore-wedding-venue-500-2221

Alas, cut flowers are ephemeral. It was all gone by Monday. No matter,  it was seen and enjoyed by many. With a little bit of luck, we may see other wedding florists following Mary Ellen’s lead and expressing their own civic pride.

Thanks, Steelcut Flower Co., for beautifying our neighborhood and caring about our city!

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—David Egan, Proprietor and Steward of the Castle at Chase Court, a historic gothic Baltimore wedding venue. Follow Chase Court on Facebook and Instagram, and follow David’s column, Getting The Wedding You Want in Baltimore OUTloud!


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