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An Intimate Wedding in the Garden

This was the best, most engaging wedding ceremony I’ve seen at Chase Court! Karla and Page had an early afternoon ceremony in the garden, using our Complete Intimate Wedding Package. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful experience!


Could they be any happier!


The Rev. Jesús Rivera did an outstanding job of weaving together Spanish for Karla’s Peruvian family and English for the rest of the guests. It was seamless and beautiful. Jesús is a seminary-trained cleric, and it shows in the skill and understanding that he brings to the wedding ceremonies that he does at Chase Court. He’s also an incredibly warm and engaging guy!


Karla’s and Page’s parents were asked for their support and blessing.


The brides did a wine ceremony, symbolizing the blending together of their two different lives into one.


Each set of parents offered a reading of something significant to them that they wanted  to share with the brides. Notice that Karla and Page came down two steps from the pergola, and that Page’s parents stood before them. Each movement like this – and there were several – was symbolic and meaningful.




The rings were exchanged out in front of the guests, all of whom had just held each of them in their hands and sealed them with their blessings.


The nuptial blessing.



No standing on formality here!




The photography, flowers, officiant, and, of course, the venue, were provided by Chase Court as part of our Complete Intimate Wedding Package. We carefully choose each vendor for your wedding from the top professionals on our Recommended Vendors list. Our intimate “elopement” packages run from four guests up to 45, and start at $795.

All of the photographs above are by Chase Court.

Chase Court Intimate Elopement Packages

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