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Giving Back

The Maryland Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society held their Man & Woman of the Year Fundraiser Kick-off Celebration at Chase Court on Wednesday evening. This was our gift to LLS. It’s the beginning of a relationship we expect to last for a long time.

Lymphoma is personal with us. The work of LLS has been real and tangible in the life of Chase Court. We’re delighted to have found this wonderful way to support lifesaving work in the fight against cancer.


Rouge Fine Catering worked with event florist Blue Sage to create an outstanding look for LLS. They used the LLS colors of red and black throughout, tying Chase Court’s Gothic architecture to the LLS theme with touches like the very cool candelabras on the bar and the roses in red woven vases. They both did a magnificent job with the decor. The guests loved it!

Leukemia is personal with Blue Sage. Their appreciation for the work of LLS was beautifully evident in the work they did – completely donated – for this event.


Here’s the same view of the library as in the image above, this time populated with happy guests!


High and low cocktail-size tables look great at Chase Court and worked exceedingly well for the LLS event. Rouge alternated the linen colors between tables, and Blue Sage’s flowers set each table off perfectly. It was really gorgeous. I like how the decor didn’t have to be complicated to be effective. We had some of the same tables outside in the garden, too.


Half a dozen black Chiavari chairs around the low tables made for an inviting place to sit and chat. Three simple candles in the ballroom windows were elegant and just enough.


Rouge does stunning presentation and food to match. Both were spectacular! All of the stationary and butlered hors d’oeuvres were creative in look and taste, like the Asian Duck Petit Homemade Crêpe filled with Fresh Mango, Cucumber, & Spring Onion and Finished with Apricot-Plum Glaze.

At our urging, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Rouge Fine Catering worked out a relatively-small financial arrangement that will allow Rouge to support this event year after year. By having some of their basic out-of-pocket costs covered, Rouge is able to make most of the event a gift, and one that they can continue to give year after year. We are very, very grateful for the participation of Rouge Fine Catering and Blue Sage with Chase Court in supporting the work of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!


The volunteers supporting LLS through the Man & Woman of the Year campaign are an enthusiastic and dedicated group of people, as you can see from the red-on-black look this guest is wearing. By the way, that’s Puff Pastry with Wild Mushroom and Herbs on the end of the buffet. The guests raved about the food!


Here’s Jon Rosa, Executive Director of the Maryland Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, welcoming everyone to the event. All of the LLS staff did a great job. Campaign Manager Kim Lennon and Campaign Director Beth Prensky were a joy to work with as we prepared for this event. They made it a fabulous event, from start to finish.


The video everyone is watching told the story of two children’s successful journey through treatment for leukemia, the disease that accounts for about one third of childhood cancers. As if this group wasn’t inspired enough – and let me tell you, they absolutely are – the story of overcoming cancer as told by the children and their parents said it all.

Lots of men, women, and children have encounters with lymphoma and leukemia that are a lot less deadly thanks to the work of LLS. Every one of the people present on Wednesday evening got that, and they are giving back.

The goal of the 2012 Man & Woman of the Year campaign is to raise $350,000. Here are the candidates, and here’s how you can support their efforts.

Venue: Chase Court
Catering: Rouge Fine Catering
Florist: Blue Sage

We’re looking forward to next year, and hosting the 2013 Man & Woman of the Year Kick-off Celebration! —David

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