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Sarah and Shayan’s Persian-Inspired Wedding


The groom’s matrilineal heritage is Persian, so he and his bride chose to honor that tradition with a traditional wedding table or spread, the sofreh aghd, which is the quintessential centerpiece of all Perisian wedding festivities. There are twenty-four symbolic items placed on the wedding table, each of profound meaning for the bride and groom. The central message at the core of each item are always good wishes – the sweetest imaginable wishes for the couple’s happiness, luck, prosperity, joy, health and closeness to God.





Yes, that’s a painting of the bride and groom over the fireplace! It was made by one of the attendants.



The hand fasting ritual, honoring the European tradition of the bride’s family.



Two sugar cones, “Kalleh Ghand”, made out of hardened sugar are ground together above the bride and bridegroom’s head (over the scarf held above their heads) by a happily-married woman, to shower them in sugar, symbolizing sweetness and happiness.





Venue: Chase Court
Catering: The Pantry Fine Cuisine Catering
Flowers: Fleur de Lis Florist
Officiant: The Rev. Laura Cannon
Photography: Daniel McGarrity Photography (Images above by Chase Court.)
DJ: Evan Reitmeyer



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