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Spring in the Chase Court Garden, Part Ten

The hydrangeas in the Saint Paul Street garden are just beginning to bloom. They face east, so they get a lovely dose of morning sun. I’ve been redoing that garden, starting with (after much deliberation!) taking down a very unhappy pine tree. That changed the light conditions in the center of the garden from shade to sun! The hydrangeas are loving the extra light.

Here are the new sun plants that just went in (I know, where’s the Latin? Coming soon, when the planting is completed and you get the full tour), with the hydrangeas behind and ground cover on the side. There is more to do, including planting more variegated Liriope (Liriope muscari ‘Variegata’, my new favorite!) around the front and sides of the raised bed, and adding more mulch. All are helping present a pretty face and a breath of green to passers-by on the street and sidewalk, and adding one more beautiful background for wedding photography. —David

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