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Up-and-Coming Wedding Photographer

Jason Putsche (shown here with his bride-to-be, Ella) is a young up-and-coming wedding photographer whose work I really like. Not only is he a very nice guy, which helps, but he has a good eye for shooting the meaningful moments of a wedding. Equally important, Jason understands the technical side of photography. For example, his photographs made in the Chase Court ballroom make our guests look good while not ‘burning out’ the walls to white. Everything looks just like you’d see it with your eye. That’s what you want in your photographs.

Here’s a link to a whole wedding that Jason shot at Chase Court.

One of the standing pieces of advice about choosing wedding photographers is to look at a whole wedding. Anyone can get lucky for a few shots. What you want to see is how they did start to finish. I think you’ll love Jason’s work just as much as I do.

By the way, this wedding shows 96 guests at Chase Court, and it shows an indoor ceremony. Both look great and are a very comfortable fit in the space.

Viewing tip: Under the ‘Style’ menu switch to ‘Thumbnails’ to see many more images per page.

Venue: Chase Court
Catering: Sascha’s Catering
Bouquets and corsages: Wegman’s Grocery
Hammered Dulcimer & Violin: Ken Kolodner
DJ: Eric Filipowicz
Cake: Sascha’s Catering
Officiant: Tina Beneman
Photographer : Jason Putsche

Enjoy! —David

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