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Winter Solstice Concert at Chase Court


Concerts at Chase Court presents…
A Winter Solstice Concert featuring KELTISH!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2012 – 7:30 PM

Wammie-nominated KELTISH lights up the intimate Gothic ballroom at Chase Court on Saturday, December 8, with their new Celtic-infused Winter Solstice Concert!

Acoustic and electric, modern and ancient, former Coyote Run fiddler Chelle Fulk and guest artist, former Coyote Run guitarist Daniel Nelson, with Glen McCarthy, Glenn Fink, Lynn Cunningham and world beat percussionist Tigre Cruz of Kiva, in a new show, including a flavoring from their Williamsburg ‘Irish Dancing Christmas’ sold-out show.

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here. Tickets on sale now!

The Ballroom is such an intimate and acoustically-wonderful space that we think it deserves great music, so once or twice a year we bring in music that we like to hear, and share it with our friends. I hope you can come and hear the incredible Keltish! —David
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