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Surprise Elopement Ceremony on New Year’s Eve

The story: Chris came to me two weeks ago and told me that he wanted to have an elopement ceremony on New Year’s Eve, with just himself, his bride, and four guests, three of them the children of the bride and groom. That’s the usual part. The unusual part was that it would be a surprise for the bride, on her birthday no less! What fun! So arrangements were made, the groom invented a story (they were “going to the theatre”), the family was let in on the secret, and everyone held their breath, hoping the the bride wouldn’t catch on!


Was she ever surprised!


Amy’s daughters brought the bride a beautiful bouquet, much to her surprise and delight!


They were both incredibly happy, absolutely glowing with joy.


Officiant Heather Saul worked with Chris to create a fabulous ceremony that was exactly right for the two of them and their families.


The ring.


Was there ever a happier groom! This was the most wonderful surprise possible for Amy, and Chris’ careful planning made both of their dreams come true.

What an honor and delight it was to have been a part of this very special, romantic experience! —David

Venue: Chase Court
Officiant: Heather Saul


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