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Fantastic Elopement with Reception at Chase Court


We’ve been wanting to find a way for couples with less than 50 guests to have both a ceremony and a reception at Chase Court in a way that made sense for us and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We started doing what we call elopement ceremonies in 2009, which are one hour or less with up to 30 or 45 guests. Those have been great, with many couples appreciating the value of a custom wedding ceremony in a beautiful venue as opposed to a cookie-cutter ceremony in a courthouse. Yuck.

This year we finally added the reception component. You get an additional hour with an option for a third, and you contract directly with one of our approved caterers for lunch/brunch (which is what most couples do) or dinner. All told, the cost is less – often much less – than half of what you’d spend on a full-blown four-hour wedding ceremony and reception. It’s an amazing thing to be able to offer, and couples are really loving it.

Which brings us to Puncharas and Mike! They pulled out all the stops, with the Complete Intimate Wedding Package with the reception option, the musician option, the up-to-45-guests option, the bride’s room option, and the ballroom upgrade. Whew! Put that all together, include catering, and they still spent well less than ten thousand dollars. Darn good for the wedding you’re about to see!



They did some fun decorating in the entrance garden to use as a background for photographs.



’tis the season! The blue poinsettias honor Puncharas’ Buddhist tradition.







Live music for wedding ceremonies is just so special, and none more so than the harp!

















The Chase Court elopement packages come in all shapes and sizes. Between all of the different packages and the variety of options, you can custom-create a fabulous wedding experience at Chase Court for a whole lot less than that big wedding you don’t want or can’t afford.

Take a look at the offerings, and give us a call at (410) 727-1112. We’ll walk you through it and make it easy and stress-free.

Venue: Chase Court


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