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Hosta Heaven


Here are some of the hostas in the pots in the entrance garden, exactly two years ago, on July 24, 2010. This was the second year for some of them and the first year for others, except for the two green-and-white hostas in the center, which were brought over from the ceremony garden. You can see that we were also in the process of painting the fence.


Here’s how they look today! The gardener’s saying really is true: “First year, sleep; second year, creep; third year, leap!” You can also see how the fleece flower in the background has filled in and spilled (intentionally) over the edge of the walkway.

I love how the hostas are reflected in the glossy paint on the wall. It’s an especially magical effect at night.


These photograph were taken after days of intense rain, which the hostas absolutely love.

The ‘job’ of these hostas is to add unusual interest to the entrance garden and to provide long-season color and life. A bride who was here recently wanted a Midsummer’s Night Dream kind of wedding. I thought that was a great image, and these potted hostas support the look with their formal/informal woodsy demeanor.


They couldn’t be any happier! It’s great to have sustainable perennials in the garden. They just keep getting better and better, and they consume a lot less water than the impatiens we used to plant. By the way, all of these hostas came from our favorite nursery, Behkne’s, in Beltsville. —David

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