18 East Chase Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202 (410) 727-1112

The ‘Secret’ Garden

The ‘secret’ entrance garden at Chase Court is tucked away, mostly out of sight of the street, and absolutely alive on a balmy early July day. The apricot tree has begun to drop the weight of its fruit and spring back up. The fleece flower in the right foreground is dense and beautiful and two feet high. The hostas – oh my, the hostas! – are huge! They’ve had a lot to drink all season and are as happy as can be.

Off to the right, tucked away through the holly trees, is a lovely stone bench that’s just right for a quiet chat and a kiss—and gorgeous photography, of course!

The top of one of the ballroom’s leaded glass windows is visible over the wooden fence. Those windows are ten feet high and almost six feet wide!

The entrance garden is a wonderful place to be this time of year. Come for a visit and experience it for yourself! —David

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