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Spectacular Entranceway Lighting!

Earlier this month Chase Court hosted a networking event (aka ‘cocktail-style reception’ in wedding parlance) for the Baltimore Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives, the trade association for wedding industry professionals. We put our heads together with Jean and Emily at Boutique Events to produce something absolutely out of the box. So, what did we do? Imagine a Cirque du Soleil theme at Chase Court! For NACE we called it ‘Cirque du Events: Dare to be Different’.

There’s a lot to tell about the whole event – more is coming soon! – but right now we’re going to focus on what we did to create a grand entrance.


In the daytime we went for some traditional cirque elements – feathers, a mime, and even Crackerjacks – but when the sun went down, it was an entirely different story…

The architecture in our neighborhood is big and bold, with lots of stone and height. We wanted to make a big splash, so what better thing to do than use light! We called on our friends at Perkins Productions for outdoor lighting. They came, they listened, and boy, did they deliver! There’s lighting, and then there’s LIGHTING! It was spectacular.

The Perkins Productions lighting worked beautifully with the antique lamp posts and low-voltage lighting along our walkway. The whole event was a great success, and a chapter-and-verse model for use in other ways.

By the way, the lighting you see here is not expensive. Perkins can do it for less than $300 for your wedding.

Venue: Chase Court
Event Design: Boutique Events
Lighting: Perkins Productions
Photography: Jackson Photography (Slide show images by Chase Court)
Talent: Entertainment Exchange

I’d love to hear what you think of all this! —David

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