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Spring in the Chase Court Garden, Part Five

Mulched! Ferns (Dryopteris eythrosora Brilliance, to be exact), various Helleborus, some Heuchera, and several other plants just making their way out of the ground. They’re all enjoying the newly-laid cedar mulch. Does it ever smell good out there! Come summer, they’ll also appreciate the 150′ of soaker hose laid under the mulch…

I have always loved ferns. As a Boy Scout growing up in Connecticut, I camped in many, many beautiful places where ferns were a common sight. It’s hard not to be influenced by that. Ferns always feel luscious and warm to me, almost cozy. I guess that’s what memories of home are all about. Imagine my delight when I realized I could grow them in my own garden! Not only that, but they look great (lace for the garden!), and this variety has decided that, at least in the ceremony garden, it’s going to stay in beautiful green leaf all year round. Who could ask for more! —David

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