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Weddings For All at Chase Court

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Crowns and thrones and royal dress for your wedding? Why not!

Themed weddings are a thing at Chase Court, from little touches to immersive experiences. We’ve had (and encouraged!) Goth, Renaissance, Steampunk, Gatsby, Anime, and Game of Thrones weddings; a Harry Potter Yule Ball; and we won a national Wedding of the Year award from the National Association for Weddings & Events for a particularly fantastic Harry Potter-themed wedding.

Relaxed, fun parties (aka receptions)—themed or not—happen all the time at Chase Court!

Here’s why:

As the Proprietor and Steward of the Castle at Chase Court — which is to say, the owner and operator— I have the freedom to bring my personal values and philosophy to how I serve my couples. That means I get to do things differently than many other venues. My couples experience and appreciate my non-traditional attitude in this very traditional, Gothic, space.

I value authenticity and self-awareness.

I value honesty and transparency in relationships.

My spirituality is centered around the belief that the divine is within every one of us, with the Universe itself creating spiritual connection among all people. I and Chase Court welcome and affirm couples of all beliefs, from the strictly non-religious to the orthodox. Chase Court has been the venue for weddings that represent an extraordinary range of traditions, including Jewish Orthodox, Episcopal, mainstream Protestant, non-denominational Christian, Wiccan, and Pagan.

People representing every part of the LGBTQI+ world are part of my life. Same-sex weddings are near and dear to my heart. And so, Chase Court has been welcoming LGBTQ couples from the start, now nearly 19 years. We’ve been the venue for over 70 same-sex weddings for couples from nine states.

Acceptance, affirmation, and supporting people as they are, just as they present in the moment, are core values here.

I also believe that education is valuable, and that an educated client is a good thing. The Chase Court website reflects that value, with pages and pages of useful information for our couples.

By the way, in addition to Chase Court, I have a new wedding coaching business called Getting The Wedding You Want. You can find out more about that at

So whatever you want for your wedding and whatever your own values are, I—and Chase Court—welcome you with open arms.

David L. Egan is the proprietor and steward of the castle at Chase Court, a wedding ceremony and reception venue in downtown Baltimore. Visit, and follow @chasecourtweddingvenue on Instagram and Facebook

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