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Big Yellow Bouquet, and a Dress with Straps!

It’s a toss-up about writing about all the good ideas here or just the beautiful bride that Jessica was last Sunday! Okay, Jessica speaks for herself, let’s talk about the great ideas.

There’s that big, bright yellow(!) bouquet for one! The florist, from our Recommended Vendors list, was Fleur de Lis Florist. They’re here often and as you can see, do a great job. I also like that they’re local.

Did you notice the flowers in the bride’s hair, connecting just-so with her veil? It’s a nice way to soften and add an organic touch to a traditional veil.

The pearl bracelet is ‘something borrowed’, which nicely compliments the pearl necklace.

Finally, that lovely dress with – gasp – shoulder straps! I think it looks great, particularly on a petite bride like Jessica. —David

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